Monday, April 20, 2009

Devote to vote!

I had never been as busy in my life so far, as I am now. Work has occupied me so much that I can't even follow my favourite blogs regularly. Coming to the tidings,
  1. marriages are happening,
  2. recession is at its peek, and
  3. Karmayuddh has started.
This year has been a period of marriages. A few of my classmates had got married in 2007. Interestingly, 2008 didn't witness any of my classmates tying the knot. Now, 2009 has already seen many marriages, with more to come. I wish the very best to all of them in their married lives.

I need not tell anything about recession. We are hearing about cost cutting and firing all around. Many of my friends have lost jobs due to economic slowdown for none of their faults. But life isn't cool always. We've to learn lessons from every part of our lives and move on.

Karmayuddh that I mentioned refers to two events. One being the Indian Premier League Twenty-20 cricket series and the other, and more important, being the Lok-Sabha General Elections.

We shall not abstain and shall make sure that only elite candidates lead our constituencies. After all, it is not a bad idea to spend one day in five years to decide the future of the nation, and hence ourselves.

Happy Voting!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

People and their Priorities

I recently started another blog, exclusively dedicated to technology and computer related topics. It is If you have liked the technology related stuff I've written here in this blog, you are welcome to take a look onto my new blog and also subscribe to TechoTweak feeds.

I had no intention of writing this post till I received this comment from Shubha. When I contemplated on that sentence, I found it very true. She has nicely put all my thoughts in one simple sentence. People change when their priorities change.

A few days ago, I watched Dasvidaniya in which the protagonist changes drastically when he gets diagnosed with stomach cancer. He completely changes his attitude. He keeps a list of things to be done before he dies, and eventually achieves them. A fine example to show that the people change when their priorities change, and these priorities change when something in their life changes.

I have seen some of my friends staying invisible while chatting. When asked about it, a common reason I get is that they are busy and don't want to be disturbed by some people. Crap & cowardice! It defeats the very purpose of chatting. When work is of utmost priority, one can put the busy status. But putting busy status on and chatting freely is a no-no. If used unnecessarily, it becomes another instance of the Tola-bantale-tola (For non-Kannada readers: It's the same tale in which a shepherd shouts about the arrival of a tiger when there wasn't any, just to make fun of the villagers and eventually becomes prey to a tiger because no villager come to rescue him when there was a real tiger) and people keep pinging you even when you have put busy status because, by then, they would have known how busy you would be.

If a person is pinging you when you are busy, ask him to ping later. Even then, if that person is adament and stupid enough to bug you and you are so keen on avoiding that person permanently, there is an option for that: block. Block the person who bugs you and he will never see you online. Invisibility cloak is good for Harry Potter, not for we muggles.

Coming back to the main point about priorities, ask yourself a question: do priorities in life change abruptly? Generally, according to me, no. Even if they do, such priority works are of short duration, which don't have any long term effects. So, is it really worth and necessity to change ourselves for the sake of those small parts of life?

Share your thoughts on this and also your opinions about the new blog TechnoTweak.