Saturday, May 24, 2008

Top reason to adopt Firefox

We have been hearing, right from its introduction, that Firefox is the most secure browser. But many of us haven't bothered to know why is is deemed so. I am not going to explain about all those features which make it safer than other browsers, say Internet Explorer. I just thought I would share an experience which happened today, which can be considered to be the top reason to adopt Mozilla Firefox.

I got a mail from an unknown email id, pointing me to a blog. When I clicked that link, it redirected me to another site, and to my surprise, a message popped up from the address bar, with title Suspecting Web Forgery.

It also provided a brief detail about the site and why that site has been classified as a phishing site. This means that the user is made fully aware of the site before he proceeds to browse it. Prevention is better than cure. Is it not be best reason to use firefox?

You can read about phishing protection in Firefox here

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