Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mallika - College function of GMIT

This is the final semester, and nothing should block us from enjoying - some of us have decided. In spite of being busy with the project, I happened to visit GMIT college on 30th April to attend Mallika - their college function. You can take it either way: To just watch and enjoy or to compare it with our college function, Davana (You can read about our college function Davana here). Well, I got the information from my friend that the function would commence at 5:00 PM. But we are Indians! I knew when the program was going to start. So after doing a little project related work in our college hostel, I went to GMIT at about 6:45 PM. The program had just begun and the chief guest Pranesh, was about to start his speech.
Pranesh is popularly known as Junior ಬೀchi

He started his speech in his inimitable style. But one thing that I noticed was that he had the students as the primary audience throughout his speech, unlike his other public talks. He took off by telling that young age, when we study in a college, is the right time to decide what you want to become. He also insisted on going through the books, which are being neglected because of the popularity of the television. He gave himself as an example. He is a B.Com graduate, yet he is so popular that he has traveled around 220 cities and the program in GMIT was his 993rd. Exposure to the literature, especially that of Beechi, is the cause for his current status, he explained. Truly inspirational.

After his addressing with the light comedy, there was prize distribution, which we were not much interested in. We went to the canteen and had an ice cream, as a birthday treat of my friend whom I met there unexpectedly. We then explored the surroundings of the college going to the top floor. As the cultural programs began, we came down to watch the proceedings.

Well, the sound system here was certainly better than that in our college function Davana. But the programs were only handful, may be due to the fact that there were cultural programs on the previous day too. The major difference between Davana and Mallika was that Mallika stressed more on Kannada, when there was no sign of Kannada at all, in Davana. Good going, GMIT. A folk dance with drums was exceptional. You can't expect engineering students to know how to beat the drums, and in my opinion, it wasn't less to any professionals. Apart from that, the function was quite standard, with some songs, dances, poetry and a fashion show.

One more thing which I came to know was that there was bus arrangement from GMIT to Harihar and Davanagere to assist the people who attended the function, since it was already 10:15 PM and you can hardly catch a bus at that time. Again a good thing, GMIT. I wish our college granted us some similar facility. I have seen about four times our college bus moving in this duration of eight semesters, that too once in Harihar.

Well, coming to the comparison, as I said, Mallika emphasized on Kannada, and the sound system was good. But going by the numbers, Davana was far big, being an inter-college fest...

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